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Sora Hyuuga wip

Post by Sora Hyuuga on Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:51 am

color=green]~Character Application~[/color]

~Basic Information~
Name: Hyuuga, Sora
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Village: Amegakure

Description: Sora is a tall build person. He has long white hair whilst the bottom of his hair is pure black. His eyes are red and he has back tattoo's under his eyes looking like vicious teeth. He mostly wears cultural Japanese robes even though he's a shinobi, he prefers those.

His shoulders are slightly larger then the normal average person. His eyes are able to stare deep into ones soul. Sora has a gentle smile a cheering one. He he nearly always wears his blue 'coat' over his black robes whenever he goes out.
Height: 178 CM
Weight: 53 KG

Likes: Sora likes sweet things. For no actual reason. He prefers to be in nature and wear his robes. He likes to attack people who aren't from his village that somehow gotten into his own. He is very protective of his own village and doesn't trust strangers as easy.
Dislikes: Sora dislikes when 2 people fight a single person. Especially when this single person is much weaker. He would stick up for this weak person even if he had to fight his own friends in the process.
Hobbies: Sora likes to be in the nature. He likes to wander around between villages and meet people on such way. He always likes to meet new people.

~Ninja information~
Rank: Chuunin
Bloodline/Clan: Byakugan
Bloodline Element: N/A
1st Element: Fire
2nd Element: Wind
3rd Element:(Jounin+)

~Special information~
Equipment: 1 Katana - 2 Explosive tags
Body Replacement Technique
Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms
Gentle Fist
History: Sora's birth was pretty peaceful. With his family surrounded by him he was led into a peaceful life. He was born into the Hyuga clan. When he was born his mother quickly put contacts on his eyes, which were red to conceil in which clan his was born into. He didn't want him to get any problems in his life with the Hyuuga.

Sora became a academy student when he was 6 years old. Which was a fairly low age to go into the academy. Though, there was no problem for him passing. Which was done when he was 9 years old. He had fine mastery over a few jutsus. Mostly the hyuuga ones.

When Sora became a genin he was assigned to team which consisted of him, two other genins and a jounin teacher. The teacher was a nice person to Sora. He found out that he was a hyuga clan member after strongly observing him. Sora didn't care much about his clan heritage and went his own way. He trained his byakugan by training his sixty four palms. He performed this jutsu a few times a day. For 3 years long when he became a chuunin.

Sora was an extremely young chuunin. Only 13 years old he went into chuunin teams doing missions. It was here when he had mastery over his 128 palm technique which was hard to perform for such a young person.

~Rp Sample~
RP Sample: Ichimaru stood there in the dimming light. Watching as the sun slowly lowered taking along its warmth and shine until the next morning reached. The already strange and mixed landscape changing, from a bright mix of ocean and trees to a dim mix of waves and forests. With the moon brought the wind as the waves slowly but surely splashed again the stone made bridge that held up the genin from the sea.

Ichi stood there, his eyes closed shut, silent, as though the thoughts in his head were silencing him as he tried his hardest to let his words escape. The boy's mind was filled with the many different possibilities and paths that laid before, he was ready to grasp that opportunity and better himself. His mind filled with jutsus. The main reason he showed up to this ceremony of transition between day and night. To prepare himself to take the path of the ninja and all of its many abilities.

The sun dipped down a little bit more behind the Earths surface until Ichi finally felt it was time. The grayed retina was not complemented by any other specialties at the time but that would soon change in his life.

Ichi had read through a scroll of a certain technique that deals with the eyes, which aids greatly in the hampering of a target's abilities which was exactly what Ichi wanted. It dealt with the placement of chakra into the eyes and out in the fashion of a blinding flash. Chakra placement in the eyes was that of second nature to Ichi so it felt it would be a great asset at the price of little effort. That just how cocky Ichi was though, he had no idea how wrong the jutsu could go.

After a while, Ichi began the process of starting the jutsu. He began to store chakra in his eyes, slowly closing them at the same time. The chakra flow steady and rapid. He could feel the chakra building up in them. Flowing like a river of power that would be released in a great manner, something that would hamper the opponent and aid captures, Ichi couldn't wait to use this in battle. Soon the limit was reached and it was time to be let loose. His fingers locked into place as the made a symbol that every ninja knew of, the seal of the rat.

Ichi once again opened his eyes in a forceful manner, as if they were lock shut like a jail cell with no key. Most didnt think this would be a problem but they would be wrong as the actual flash came out as nothing but a dim burst, something that would come out of a flash light with low batteries. Ichi's anger grew, he felt it was so unlike him to make such a foolish mistake. Instead of placing the chakra into the flash he placed most of it into his bloodlimit. A simple mistake that most could make but Ichi felt he was too for. His anger made him try harder as he once again gave his attempt at the jutsu.

Ichi slowly began to close his eyes, while at the same time shutting down the jutsu. He started to charge his chakra into his eyes once again. At a slower rate with less chakra placed into them. Once again a forceful motion became present as Ichi eyes opened. His eyes opened in their dormant form, the flash also came out as a blinding flash, but it didn't travel as far as it should.

Ichi's anger grew a bit but felt it was okay to a mistake like this one, he decided to attempt it once more. His patience thinning but his resolve to learn this jutsu growing. He was prepared to perfect this jutsu now and would not take failure as an option.

Ichi's chakra once again began to flow from the lower parts of his body into his eyes. The chakra storing, ready to be released in a forceful manner that would ultimately affect all who opposed it. Ichi's finger joints once again locked into the place of that of the rat hand seal as his eyes once again shut. The chakra building inside became to grow larger and stronger. Finally the limits were reached as Ichi's eyes shot open. A blinding flash escaped his eyes as it covered a 10m radius. Blinding any possible human or animal in the current area and blinding them. A certain feeling of confidence built up inside Ichi as he successfully used the jutsu, even if he wasted a little during the charging and release factor.

Ichi was hit first across the head and held the wooden sword. The man had moved faster than he had expected. Not to mention to have caught Ichi off guard. Ichi saw the next attack coming but still could not dodge the attack and was hit in the stomach with the tip of the wooden sword. The man must be a master. He had no time to dodge it would seem, but he would start to get into the flow of things. The man would come sweeping by again and this time Ichi would dodge, however the man still had another trick. He nailed Ichi in the stomach with a well placed kick that sent him backwards. Ichi was out of breath and stood back up waiting for more of the vicious assaults to begin. The old man was surprisingly agile for someone who looked to be in the age range of their late sixties. However, Ichi would not hold back from trying to dodge. The whole point of the lesson seemed based on dodging so therefore Ichi needed to dodge and not attack back.

The next attack came and Ichi would dodge again, and this time a punch was intended for his face. Ichi ducked, but still his forhead was scraped by the man"s fist. Such strength for someone so old." Ichi would say to himself as he tried to jump back. What was more frightening was that the old man, was probably holding back. he dodged a slash of the sword and then the back hand. He wouldn"t however dodge the come around swing fot he sword which would nail him in the arm. His arm was now in searing hot pain and he jumped back holding his arm, trying to hold onto the sword. Dodging these assaults was something he was unused to. However, he not only needed to, but had to do it. If he didn"t, surely this man would destroy him. He held the sword, griping it with both hands and felt pain from the area he had just been hit at. It was now throbbing and pulsating with his heart rate. Which was fast given all the movement he had been doing. He held the sword and waited.

The old timer was surely going to attack again. Right on que, as if he had seen it coming from a mile away, the old man charged forward. He gave up trying to be fast and fancy with his movements. He ended up exhaling more energy than gaining when he did that. He simply did the easier thing to do and side stepped the attack. Feeling another one coming around, just from gut feeling more than skill, he twisted around and did a turn. Dodging a stabbing thrust to his stomach. Theman threw a punch in which he slide his head to the side for a quick dodge. Then a nice, crisp slicing motion with the sword was coming. He foresaw it in his mind, as the man began to move his arm. Drawing in back he knew exactly what the man was going to do. Only one way he knew how to counter it.

He tried to twist again however the old man grabbed his collar holding him steady. He had been doing so good. No, he would not give up, not yet. He finally used his sword for something and tilted it upwards blocking the oncoming slice and knocking it back into the old man. The man let go of his collar, after he applied a little more pressure into his twist, to make it a jerk. They two jumped back and he waited for the next assault, he knew it would not be an easy would to dodge, but he would somehow dodge it. He had to, but the man put his sword to his side and smiled, and he took up a guarded position. Bringing his blade in front of him, preparing for the next stage of the assault to begin. He just hoped he could hold out against the old timer.

The next day,
Ichi was walking down the middle of now where on a deserted beach of Kirigakure. Gods know there where many of them. He stopped and took in the damp sweetness of the morning sun rise. His decision to come here was no doubt the right one. The People here are friendly and the ninja fierce. Strong. He knew he needed to catch up. His abilities as of now were a minimum, and he knew it. He had no one of his clan to teach him and no friends. Working here and there as an extra hand here and there for a few ryo. Barely making it by. Living off hunting and gathering like a nomad. Fishing as his father taught him. The sun raising a bit higher, slowly, reminded him of how he too will slowly be rising. The sun does"t need anyone to teach it to be what it is, neither does he. Ichi took off his father"s long coat and set it on a large rock nearby, making sure not to get any sand on it. It was his treasure. What then? What can Ichi do on his own to put himself up with the rest. He thought for a few minutes and he couldn"t believe how dumb he had been.

The one other thing he treasured more than anything, his tail! Smiling he looked down at his right forearm as his tail wiggled, then the same happened with his ears. Feeling the tail move around, flowing he harmonized with them. They weren"t a tool to him. They were part of him. A gift of his father"s, and his father"s father. This is a blessing. A strange thought passed his mind. Bowing down he made the tips touch. Kepping in mind the feeling of doing the tail technique, he fused the tips , then added the other three to them, but made sure not to complete it for the rest of the length of the tail. Amazed at this little trick he did he played around with it. Swinging the blob he made around and being quite amused with himself another idea popped into his head. He focused and shaped the blob into a round edged block and looked at a large rock by him.

He remembered how strong these gifts could be and started walking over to the rock. Raising his arm and tail he cocked back the block he made and threw down his arm a few inches from the rock and let the continued centrifugal continue pushing the block downward onto the rock. As he did this he was doing math in his head. His tail had as much strength to lift one fourth his weight about 200 lbs. So he could lift 50 lbs. that times 5 would be 250 lbs worth of strength. Plus his own arm which could lift around 100 lbs. The centrifugal force added many more lbs of pressure which should make this powerful. Contact was made and he was lifted up off the ground from the blow. The rock chipped a bit but no real amount of damage was made. Disappointed he lifted up his arm and moved the tail over from his left arm to his right and added them to what he had made. Thinking a bit more he put the base of the tail in spots circling around the middle of his forearm and placed the block on top of his fist. This should do a bit better. He ran at the rock and dodged an imagined kunai thrust to his face, crouched down building up his legs like a spring and pulling his new fist down to his hip. Unleashing both the spring that was his legs and his poised strike at the same time, he stuck the rock again. Failure. He was getting somewhere though. He felt so damn close. Standing back and looking at the undamaged rock and his new jutsu in development, he twisted and contorted his invention. Ichi was felt like his mind was struck by lightning. He remembered his legs, the way they were tensed like a spring. What if he could add that kind of power to his creation? Moving the base of the tail further up his arm, he bowed the shaft of the tail, twisted it and put strain on them, coiling them like so many springs. He backed up looking at the rock and ran toward it, executing the same maneuver and striking true upon the rock, breaking a large chunk of it off. holding the finishing pose he then stood up and look at his new creation. It sounded right. It sounded good. It left just right.

Satisfied Ichi unformed his tail and dismissed all but his ears. Sitting down he thought to himself, well that"s one, but I need more. This was a great but there is always more to discover. Standing up he looked around. Thinking he played around more with his tail. Stretching it out, whipping them out. Grabbing at rocks and throwing them at mock targets. As he was waiting time he noticed a snake slither by, minding its own business. Ichi watched it slither away, liking how it looked like his gifts. He marveled at it, wishing he could do the same with his little friends. Thinking about it he could separate with them through the pads. Hell, he could make a Bushin with them.

Why can"t he control one tail? Ichi held up his right arm stroking his tail. He focused on it. Channeled chakra into it along with his will. Feeling the pressure of it being relived of hid arm, he watched it fall to the ground. It turned to a puddle of blood after a few seconds. Ichi sighed and tried again. Focusing, hoping and concentrating he repeated the kunai procedure, to the same affect. Looking at the two piles of blood he sighed again. No! He can"t just feel let down after each try. He had to keep trying. You can"t just expect to get it on the first time, not even the fifth time. He had to be steadfast and keep trying. It just wasn"t working and he was feeling a bit tired. He decided it was time for a break.

Later on,
He grabbed his coat and walked back to town. Fooling around in his pocket he dug out some money as he walked. Time to get some food. He thought to himself. Walking up to the ramen shop he took a seat and look at Jim, his favorite server. "Hey Jim." He said in a happy voice. "Nice seeing you here boy" greeted the man. "What do you want, boy?" "The usual" Ichi said with a smirk. Jim winked and turned around and started on his favorite ramen, teriyaki squid. The smell made his mouth water. Looking back at Ichi Jim asked "What ya' been up to squirt?" Ichi straightened up "Makin new jutsu, how 'bout you?" Jim grunted a bit "Makin' food, what ya think kid?" laughing Ichi placed his elbows on the counter and rested his chin in his palms. "You come up with anythin" good yet Ichi?" the big man said not turning around. "Yeah, came up with one, workin" on another. Kinda' stuck though." Jim turned around with a steaming bowl of deliciousness. Happy, Ichi rubbed his hands together and then started to fish out his money. "Keep it, this one"s on me boy" Ichi said with a smile. Not complaining Ichi began eating away. "What"s getting you stuck and makin' you come here for my slop?" Jim asked with a raised brow. Ichi slurped up a bit of noodles hanging out of his mouth and swallowed. Ichi responded on it, where it was said that he had trouble with his tail alone. At this Ichi rubbed his chin and had the look of a man in deep thought. Ichi used this time to shovel some more ramen in his mouth. A light went off in the mans eyes and he grunted out a bit of a laugh. "Thought about not cutting it off? Maybe willing it off instead of cutting the weird thing off would keep it from mukin up. Maybe it"s the damage that"s casing" em" to disagree with ya." Wide eyed Much stopped eating and look at the man. Of course, It"s the damage that's messin everything up. How come he didn"t think of this himself?! "Hm, bet your right old man. Matter a fact I"m gonna try it after this fine bowl of ramen." Finishing the ramen and standing up, Ichi bow to the man, "thank you for the ramen and the advice." Waving his hand off at the boy Jim said "Ah don"t worry bout it kid. Just get strong and help out the village. S"what ya s"posed ta be doin in the first place. Don"t give up and make sure to make a name f"yerself." Walking up to the counter Ichi put his hands on the counter and leaned over it. "Thanks ol" man. You"re a good man." Ichi turned around and ran off. crazy boy thought Jim. Hope he makes a good name fer em" self. Looking down at he counter Jim saw enough coin to pay for the soup twice over.

Grinning he thought Good heart that one has. Ichi ran to his little training spot and took off his coat. Feeling refreshed and ready, He withdrew his tail. Ichi focused his chakra into it along with part of his will. Feeling good about the state of it, he focused on it from himself. Slowly he felt the tail start to peel off like an old scab. It feel to the floor and he could feel the sand as though he were rubbing his hand on it. He moved it, slithering around.

It felt odd, but great. It felt like success. Ichi spent an hour or so playing with it. Testing how far he could push it to go away from him. He was surprised by how far it could go. How he could control it to move as if it were still attached to him. Ichi lowered his right hand down and it moved like an obedient loving snake to its master. Holding it he focused on merging with it. To his surprise, it was easy. Another one! Another skill added to his arsenal. Again remembering the snake, he wondered about maybe trying out one more idea. How awesome would it be to have eye"s on it, a mouth, hell a whole face! Like having a pet snake that could gather Intel. Maybe even ones on him to watch his back, or strike while clenched in battle. He laughed at himself. Yeah, it sounded a little strange, even to him. Nothing can stop what your mind can make boy. Never limit yourself, never say you can"t or dismiss an idea cus" it sounds a bit farfetched. There are things out there that people can do that will blow your mind. His father"s voice rang in his head. Smiling, Ichi summoned his gift and looked at it. "Might as well give it a try." He snickered to himself.

Concentrating on the tail, he pictured an eye on the tip. Imagined a wicked looking eye of a demon, black with a red retina and cat shaped at that. A ball formed at the tip of his tail and he got excited, losing the image in his mind. "Damn, dummy" he focused again with the same image in his mind. Closing his eyes Ichi focused and channeled. Feeling a strange sensation he then saw the sea. It looked a bit weird. Like he was wincing one eye. He closed his eyes tighter thinking he was just tired and had opened one eye not thinking about. But he felt both his eyes shut tighter, still seeing the sea.

Ichi moved his tail and also his sight. Startled Ichi opened his eyes, and gasped has he seen the eye he pictured in his mind. He then turned the eye so that he could see himself and smiled. He could see himself smiling. It was weird as all hells, but damn awesome! He poked it, couldn"t help but to. No pain came from it. Laughing he examined himself with the new eye. All the scars, all the stitched up flesh. The scar on his eye ached as he remembered the blood, the screams, and the little girl whose parents he slaughtered in revenge. As quickly as the memories came, he banished them. Keeping in the task at hand he let the eye melt back into the tactical. He focused again, this time imaging a hole int the tail, imagined the inner workings of an ear. Looking at the tail, he saw a hole sink in and heard from a different angle, like when you move your head, except he didn"t move his head. Forming his tail back to normal, he focused on making a mouth.

He imagined a sharks mouth, all those ragged teeth. The pure terrible sharpness of it. Watching he saw it form before his eyes he, sculpted it as an artist would sculpt clay, using his mind as his tool. It was amazing. He then looked deeply into it. He made a tong and without thinking about it. Smirking he wondered if he could make it talk. Said the shark mouth. Ichi, surprised about being able to do that, stumbled back. His voice came out of the thing, it sounded deeper and more horse, but it was his voice all right. Laughing he made it say "How bout" that!" Ichi felt tired all of a sudden. All this trial and error took a lot of chakra. He withdrew his Blood Line trait and walked tired over to his coat. What a great day. Slipping on his coat he walked home with the sun setting behind him.
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