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Kenchi Uchiha

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~Character Application~

~Basic Information~
Name: Kenchi Uchiha
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Village: Konoha




Lets start from the head and work down. His hair is spiky and black. it faces the left side of his body and appears to be stuck in that look. The hair does come down the back of his head and the sides and seems to be contained. Speaking of headband his headband is the standard issue Konoha headband and seems to have the Uchiha insignia on the left and right sides of it. The headband itself is blue like dark blue. He has 3 piercings in each ear that span around the lobe of the ear and not the inside. His facial features include an oval face with his blue eyes which shine like a crystal. Now for his attire. He wears a weird coat which looks like an apron and a cloak had a baby of some sort. The bottom half stays closed with two buttons with a strap like forming. The upper coat is basically the same thing just darker and with red buttons. Under this he has a cream colored coat which appears to be from the anbu corps which he attained on a wild goose chase. It has a zipper which zips up instead of the previous buttons. Under this he has a red shirt which has a giant Uchiha insignia in the middle of it.. The shirt is straight up red that is all. His body is pretty muscular looking because he keeps himself fit. He does have a tattoo of a shuriken on his left peck tho. He wears standard issue shinobi like pants which are black. He does have what seems to be leg warmers or foot protectors which are white then he has his red standard ninja shoes.



Much can be said about the young Kenchi. He is a jokester.. This stems from his serious life at home and the fact he can never joke around with his mother made him do it everywhere else he went so now its practically first nature to him. He is also a really nice person to meet as he openly greets everyone he meets with a nice smile or handshake depending on how they meet. Around his younger brother Chinou he tends to be easy going and friendly but still very protective because he wants to set a good example for the youngster. When around females he tends to show them that he is fun and games but has a serious side too which some females strive for in a man. As for his relationship with his father Kenchi doesn't know the man enough to hate him nor does he know him enough to care for him but he doesn't blame his father for anything wrong in his life which proves their relationship is still very cool. When in battle Kenchi is still a jokester but he has a seriousness with it so he doesn't slip up and cost himself the fight but he still doesn't like to stress himself to where he would cause himself to be his greatest weakness.
Likes: Fucking Bitches, Being him, Menages, Movies, Pranking
Dislikes: Serious People, Ugly Bitches, Bitch Niggas
Hobbies: Fucking bitches, menages, Fucking bitches while pranking someone, Napping, Training, Fucking bitches while training, and Sleeping

~Ninja information~
Rank: Chuunin
Bloodline/Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline Element: Fire
1st Element: Wind
2nd Element: Water
3rd Element:(Jounin+)

~Special information~

1. Giant Folding Fan
2. Kunai (5)
3. Chakra Enhanced Katana
4. Military Ration Pill
5. Konoha Chakra Blade


1. Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique (B-Rank)
2. Body Flicker Technique (D-Rank)
3. Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountains (B-Rank)
4. Lightning Surge (C-Rank)
5. Wind Release: Great Breakthrough (C-Rank)
6. Wind Release: Gale Palm (C-Rank)
7. Sickle Weasel Technique (C-Rank)
8. Summoning Technique (C- Rank)

E Ranks (Free)

1. Body Replacement Technique
2. Transformation Technique
3. Generic Sealing Technique


His father was a common man his mother was the town whore... She had a goal. It was repopulate the Uchiha Clan. One step at a time and seeing how she was the last living Uchiha she needed an heir to the throne.. Enter her first born son Kenchi. The boy was born in the midst of battle with his father coming home from war to meet the beautiful Kina Uchiha who seemed to hold a love spell over him by simply gazing in her eyes. With the seduction complete Natu began a bad romance with Kina who would soon learn to much pleasure she was indeed pregnant. Soon knowing her plan would come to reality she set off to Konoha where she gave birth to her first born son... Kenchi Uchiha. The heir to the clan he desired for oh so bad.. But that wasn't something he knew just yet.

Now in Konoha Kina was a prominent member of the Konoha refugee camp because of her previous affiliation in the Chiyu Army. With her personal goals aside she would start raising her son the right way. The way a Uchiha should be raised.. The way any young boy should be raised. At the young age of two the young boy Kenchi would soon learn of his bloodline and he would soon learn he had to train to live up to his mothers expectations. He felt greatness in Konoha. The village his clan was originally from would prove to give him motivation to become great. With his motivation given to him he would soon start training with his mother who would turn out to be stronger than she looked. She would would use her main weapon which was a tanto which could channel her fire chakra through it as a way to teach the young Kenchi about being on edge 24/7.

With their training being a success and Kenchi slowly grasping the fact he was created to be a weapon he soon learned the grim reality that he must be able to kill on command or become weak like those before him... The Uchiha who died and gave their lives for the next generation. He would soon be sent to the Academy where he obviously stuck out because of his natural crystal blue eyes and spiky black hair. He had slowly started meeting other academy students and made a reputation for himself as the class clown. Because life was so strict at home when he was at school he made the best of every situation by joking it off.. Despite that he was still garnishing great grades and wouldn't let anything set back the Uchihas growth even if it meant certain people wouldn't like him.

Errr Im bored now so lets do a timeskip?

The ripe age of 10 and Kenchi has a 5 year old brother now. His mother had another child with her goal in mind. Maybe she was just a legit slut at this point? Now having learned new skills Kenchi had gained his elemental prowess and he was already a genin. He had grown favorite weapon which he would called TenchiKaze. It was a fan which he had grown fond of since he had graduated from the academy with his friends. Now he had a mission. He had to extract info from the enemy team and how would he do that you ask? Easy! he would simply use his fan to draw fire to himself while his team worked on them mentally. Ironically he was an Uchiha who hadn't achieved sharingan yet so he was useless on a mental level.

He would pass this mission and he would soon be promoted to chuunin. He had become what he has wanted to be for so long. He was one step away from being a jounin. He was going to become something great, a man with power. Now with chuunin status Kenchi would set out on a training journey where he would leave his younger brother Chinou with his mother Kina. He would be gone for 5 years total. When resurfaced he had grown alot taller and wore an entirely different attire but he still had that same old fan. He was finally going to do something in life and that was make the Uchiha clan the great clan it was once before.

~Rp Sample~

As he laid down he began to ponder the thought of becoming an infamous man known around the world. Well he was half way there. After his slaughter in the jail and his terror in Sunagakure, he was known as a dangerous cannibal. That was a rather funny title because the kage wasn't fond of eating people unless they got in his way. Well except for Storm ninja, The kage hated Storm ninja and his reason wasn't exactly to clear. He just hated people because they weren't cool enough for him. The kage of Kiri was known to be a rather fun demented person but that was his day job. He was commonly nice but that was only to his subordinates or teammates in general. If Storm somehow got an alliance with Kirigakure they could actually become great teammates. Still day dreaming but suddenly the boat began to rock in a very dangerous way. Soon after it began to spin. This movement was so bad the kage couldn't even get up from his laying down position inside the boat. As the kage was finally able to sit up he flew out of the boat hitting the shore. This was caused because the boat had hit a rock on the shore.

Throughout all of that stuff that just happened on the boat the kage didn't realize that his mask had broke. Well not entirely just his upper right corner which revealed his eye and a fraction of his nose and his cheek. You could tell he was not happy as you noticed his rather angry stare coming from his eye but who could tell? Ouroboros wasn't even looking into the kages direction. As he looked down he forgot his byakugan was still activated. He noticed a figure in the ground so he crotched over and got pulled into the ground at a lightning fast speed. As he was pulled underground he saw alot of men jumping above ground. About 256 to be exact. Now as he hit the ground all he saw was feet. He stood up as men surrounded him. With his byakugan he spotted exactly 300 men. A small living boxed in room holding 300 men? This wasn't good at all. The kage wasn't really sure on what the hell just happened so he began to kick in every direction in a spinning tone. As he did this he let out a blue aura that made like a shield around him which pushed everyone back. The kage figured that he just learned how to use palms rotation.

As the men started to stand up they all charged at the kage as one of them screamed out "I KNOW THAT GUY. HE PUT ME AWAY. HIS NAME IS BLAKE HYUUGA HES THE KAGE OF KIRIGAKURE. GET HIM!" This wasn't pretty at all. The kage simply ducked and began to punch and kick people in their mid sections knocking some of them back. He did a hand stand as he released the first gate, the gate of opening which made his kicks much stronger. He was still on his hands spinning and kicking knocking everybody back until 1 big dude grabbed the kages leg and threw him through the wall placing his arm in the sand which would utterly break his whole left arm. The kage just standing there was a sitting duck for attacks as the men began to slowly walk up towards him.

RP Sample:

Kenchi Uchiha

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Re: Kenchi Uchiha

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You get 4 Starting Techs and 3 Weapons. So halve that number of jutsu and take away two weapons please.

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