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Kaguya Clan

Post by Webmaster on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:48 am


Bone growth speed is divided into levels

Level one 3 post (this is the basic regeneration speed and i the default version)

Level two 2 post (500 word training)

Level three 1 post (1k word training)

Level four within 1 post. Basically means you can regenerate it and move on to something eles in one post (1.5k word training)


Level one- Normal speed as everyone eles

Level two- Increased speed. Two post(500 words)

level three- Increased speed. one post(1k)

Level four- Increased speed. Within a post(2k)

Level five- Instant regeneration(2.5k)



Level one- Iron The default for each member of the clan

Level two- Steel 500 words

Level three-Repels Chakra Infused Weapons 2000 words

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