How to Use Jutsu in Battle

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How to Use Jutsu in Battle

Post by Webmaster on Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:44 am

~The Chiyu Seal~

Every ninja in the world has a seal located on their body. This seal varies from person to person in appearance and location, however the result is the same. It controls your bodies central nervous system, the purpose is to make it impossible for shinobi to use any jutsu. But being in its beta stage there are still loopholes in the seal that can be exploited, but even those allow only a reduced amount of space for jutsu execution as well as moderates the amount of chakra percentage in your body that is being used at any one given time.

When you first start out, you will only have ONE slot for ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, summons, etc. (C rank to SS rank jutsu), E and D rank jutsus slip under the radar for they are too simple in nature for the seal to block such basic things.

Taijutsu is a different story. No we are not going to make you use your jutsu slot for kicking and punching. Not even basic taijutsu. However, the large taijutsu such as the 8 gates, and morning peacock do fall under the seals control.

I know what you are thinking by now. ONE JUTSU! THATS IT! OMFG RAGE QUIT! Relax... Like everything else on this site, you can train your seal and ultimately loosen it's hold on your mind.

Every seal starts with LEVEL 6. This is the strongest
As you train, the seal gets weaker and in retrospect decreases in level.

Level 6 - Default (1 jutsu slot)
Level 5 - 500 words of training (2 jutsu slots)
Level 4 - 500 words of training (3 Jutsu slots)
Level 3 - 1k words of training (4 jutsu slots)
Level 2 - 1k words of training (5 jutsu slots)
Level 1 - 1k words of training (6 jutsu slots)
Level 0 - This will be available later on in the plot. This allows unlimited jutsu access for a limited time.

Now before you go and train a bunch at one time. Take note. It takes HIGH levels of chakra to overpower the seal. The higher your chakra the more you can remove.

E rank ninja start with level 6
D rank ninja can use level 5
C rank ninja can use level 4
B rank ninja can use level 3
A rank ninja can use level 2
S rank ninja can use level 1

But as you keep progressing from a lower to a higher rank, the advantages increase. Before only E and D rank techniques could slip below the radar but as your understanding and knowledge of the shinobi world increases, for rank expresses experience and not power alone, you begin to grasp the more advanced concepts and the mind begins to involuntarily overcome the seal for jutsu of a higher rank as they become progressively (and relatively) simpler. So while a shinobi of B or below rank can only used E and D rank jutsu outside of the seal, an A rank shinobi would be able to slip the C rank jutsu below the seal as well and the same for an S rank shinobi concerning B rank jutsu.

By no means can A rank (or above) jutsu circumvent this seal due to the sheer power required to use them and the complex intricacies of the techniques itself. The exception to this rule is the 0 level seal which is not available initially.

Also note that while you would no longer need to meditate and swap a jutsu that is able to pass below the radar of the seal you would still require to learn it like a regular shinobi would before using it.


~How to use the seal~

Here we introduce the concept of a scroll.

The function of the seal is essentially to shift all knowledge and perception of jutsu to the back of the frontal lobe, turning any and all memories associated to them to vague hints and glimpses. The scrolls work to overcome this as a sort of code that over-rides this program and brings the jutsu back to the front of the frontal lobe, that is short term memory, and allows you to use them as if you memorized them recently. So there is obviously a penalty for losing your scroll (code). All jutsu for which the code was embedded in the scroll that was lost become a hazy recollection and any and all memories associated to them are lost as if ripped away from ones existence. They can neither reproduce the technique nor recollect its characteristics though they might retain the memory of having used it.

To add a jutsu to the seal, all you have to do is come in contact with the jutsu's scroll for half a post. During this short meditation, you can select which jutsu you want to swap it out with. Simple? Not really.. so let me explain.

Say I have 4 jutsu slots.
My jutsus are

1.) Fireball jutsu
2.) Shadow clone jutsu
3.) Chidori
4.) Kirin

Say I want to use waterball jutsu instead of fireball jutsu in a fight. All I have to do is pull out the waterball Jutsu scroll. Hold it in my hand or connect my chakra to it (you figure out anyway you can connect your chakra to the scroll via a medium) and wait half a post. Bam. I can now use waterball jutsu. So now my jutsu list looks like.

1.) Waterball jutsu
2.) Shadow clone jutsu
3.) Chidori
4.) Kirin


Ya know when we said that E and D rank jutsu are the only jutsus that the seal doesn't detect? Well, we lied. The seal moderators the percentage of chakra released from your body at any given time. Jutsus that use a smaller percentage of your chakra are undetectable or (under the radar.. this means that these ranked jutsu will not count towards your jutsu slots). Below is a list of percentage

E,D, and C ranked ninja will be able to slip E and D ranked jutsu under the radar

B and A rank ninja will be able to slip C rank jutsu under the radar

S rank ninja will be able to slip B rank jutsu under the radar

Additional Information

We don't have a chakra-to-technique system yet, as we don't really believe in any form of stats here. At the moment, just keep a general idea of what you're capable of based on your rank until we put something up.

And no, that does not mean on a protagonist level. Think of yourself as an average genin, chunin, jounin, or whatever rank you may be. Kakashi and naruto were exceptional main characters, so they obviously got more than everyone else.


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Re: How to Use Jutsu in Battle

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