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Staff System

Post by Maelstrom on Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:04 pm

The staff system on Ninja Legends RPG is composed of a few key aspects that make the site run as it does. However, to understand the system we must start from the bottom up, unlike other sites who do the opposite. To us, YOU, the members are the most important part of site.

As members of the site, we expect you to bring forth any problems or issues you have to the attention of a mod. We also ask that you participate in polls give us your honest opinion on situations, as well as take part in The Legion.

The Legion:
The Legion are you, the members of the site. Think of the Legion as Jury Duty. Ordinary members like yourself can approve Character apps and Jutsu apps. And also like Jury Duty, you are randomly chosen form a list of people. To have your name be placed on the list all you have to do is sign up here


Separation of Power

One of the key problems with other sites is that power is often times overlapped which creates problems. Global Mods can do everything mods can + more, Admin can do everything Global Mods do + more. This creates conflict of power. One guy can say " I know more than you because I am an Admin and you are just a GM.

In other cases, some people are better at say moderating fights or coming up with ideas rather than approving things. However, because staff are traditionally graded on a wide scale, staff like these get a bad grade when really they just specialize.

So to prevent things like this from happening we created a Separation of powers.

As you can tell the staff are broken up into 3 main groups, RP Moderators, Approval Moderators, and Technical Moderators.

Each section has a leader. These 3 leaders are respectfully known as The Big 3. The Big 3 are responsible for all site things and are chosen by the Webmaster. This means that the only the webmaster Has the ability to coordinate things among The Big 3.

** In the event that a member of The Big 3 dies, leaves, or whatever the Site Members will vote on a poll for the next member. The candidates on the poll however are chosen by the webmaster. All winners of the poll must win by a vast majority of voters, (70%). If this is not achieved then a coin toss will be held. Winner becomes next member.

All Moderators are chosen by the leaders of each category. RP Leader selects the mods for the RP moderator. HOWEVER, in order for someone to be accepted, EVERYONE in that section must agree. This is a team effort, so it is very important that the team is involved and can work together.

The High Council

If you are familiar with American Government you will know that there is a Supreme Court. Basically a group of people who we turn to in time of need that will interpret the rules. However, on Ninja Legends, The High Council along with the Webmaster determines the state of a staff member. Meaning if a staff member becomes corrupt and the issue is brought to the High Council, he/she/they will decide if the staff member loses their spot or not. These people are non biased (meaning they are not part of the situation). They only take on cases that they show personal interest in, and there judgement trumps the big three.

These Members are chosen by the Webmaster only and can be terminated by the webmaster only.


It is very important to have a government of checks and balances. Often time if all of the staff are friends then they oppress the members of the site. However, if all of the staff are enemies then they oppress the leadership and nothing gets done. With this system, we believe we created a balance.

Each section is divided up so that people can focus on one thing. All of the members of the Big 3 get along so that things can be decided. The members of each individual section are all accepting of each other so that things in that one category can be decided. However, not ALL of the staff are buddy buddy. This prevents the oppression of you guys because no ONE staff member has power over EVERYTHING. And this prevents oppression of the leadership, because people in one section get along.

To prevent corruption we provided The High Council

And to moderate all activities, we provided The webmaster.

And we have the joint help of the members to help us run the site and keep things together.

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