Nara, Taeko [WIP]

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Nara, Taeko [WIP]

Post by Taeko Nara on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:59 pm

-Ninja Profile-
Name: Nara, Taeko.
Nickname: None.
Age: Sixteen; Second Heir.
Gender: Female.
Height: Five Foot, Six Inches.
Weight: Hundred Twenty-Three Pounds.

Village: Konohagakure no Sato.
Organization: None.
Rank: Chunin.
Class: None.

Clan: Nara. Takeo is known to be the second Heir to the Clan, her elder brother being that of the first.
  • - Shadow
  • - Water.
  • - Lightning.
  • - Flame. [Once Taeko achieves Jonin.]

-The Story of Me-
Character Appearance: Takeo is a young teenager, and also noticed to be a young woman being at the height of five foot and six inches tall. Six inches shorter her brother, who is that of Six foot and possible a few more inches as well. Her weight is very light, however she tends to not be that much of a light weight when it comes to going out for Sake and a good night with fellow friends. Unlike most other shinobi, those who are of the Chunin rank, Taeko does not wear a flap jacket that shows off her rank. Instead wearing many bandages around her torso area, where there is actually a large scar that makes an X in the center of her chest. Even still, her entire body is decorated in belts - for what reason, it really isn't known but they say her shadow jutsus have a special reason for the many belts around her body. There is a piece of upper hood around her neck, which she uses when it rains or if on a mission, it tends to give her some type of hidden feeling.
Special Characteristics:

Character Personality:
Likes & Dislikes:

  • Like 1
  • Like 2
  • Dislike 1
  • Dislike 2

Individual Quirks:

-The Armory-
  • - Equipment Item #1
  • - Equipment Item #2
  • - Equipment Item #3
  • - ...

-Insert Jutsu Here-

-The Puppeteer-
Roleplay Sample:
Taeko Nara

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