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How to Rank up

Post by Maelstrom on Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:27 pm

This is how we rank up on Ninja legends. The first thing you have to understand is the difference between rank and title.

is easier understandably in the Bingo Book. Your rank is how well of a ninja you are, and how effective you are in battle and on missions that involve battle. In short, how bad ass you are.

is what we commonly use (genin, chunin, jounin ect ect). A title is given to you by other ninja. In short how well you do on test.

How these relate to each other: Your TITLE basically lets your kage now how competent you are. For exam, Naruto in Shippuden was only a genin because he was not proven competent enough by a kage based off test and other things. HOWEVER, he was stronger than Kakashi who was A rank. Meaning Naruto's rank would be A to S rank, but his title was genin.

You may or may not know that your Title will grant you more money, equipment, and privileges among your village. For example, buying jutsu scrolls is determined by your title because ninja who have proven themselves can by higher ranking jutsu scrolls. But, before you can apply for a new title, you must first reach a minimum rank. Below are how title and rank match up.

Genin = D rank
Chunin = C rank
Jounin = B rank
Kage = A rank

Note: The minimum rank for kage is A rank, however you can progress past that and be an S rank kage.

I bet you are wondering how on earth you rank up. Ranking up is easy. All you have to do is DEFEAT a ninja of HIGHER rank. Not equal rank. Once you do that, you will move up one rank.

You can also defeat 3 people of equal rank. Nothing happens to the rank of the people you defeat. However, you move up a rank.

However, if you lose to a ninja of lower rank you will go down one rank.

**Note. If you kill the ninja then it does not count. No loop-holing. If they die, then it doesn't count.

**Note. If you do any training based off of your rank, and you lose to a lower rank ninja (meaning you go down in rank), then you will NOT have to redo the training.

**Note. In terms of the Chiyu seal, if you go down in rank, your seal momentarily get's stronger to the next corresponding level. Meaning you lose your powerful jutsu. You can always get them back, you don't have to relearn jutsu, or redo training. Just get your rank back up.

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