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Custom Bloodline Template

Name: Arashido Taiko ( The way of the storm )
Clan Surname: Tenshou
Type: Elemental (Water + Lightning)

Kekkai Genkai: Arashido Taiko is basically the ability to create and manipulate weather, and the use of hydro-electro based substances

Kekkai Genkai Information:

A custom clan would not be complete without some form of eyes? Right? Unlike other custom clans, there are no levels of training and the brightly colored eyes several only to allow the user to see when light conditions rapidly change in front of their eyes. If you spend all you time messing with lightning and playing in dark storms, this would be nice now wouldn't it?

These eyes stay on continuously, and are activated at birth and are without until they rot out of your eye sockets at death. This means, that chakra is not needed to circulate through them, which means they are not a doujutsu in any shape or form and you cannot use them to cast genjutsu or see chakra or whatever.

The Tenshou clan members can gather storm chakra in specific places, such as a focal point on their hand to create beams, or a non specific point such as in the air to create clouds. However, the properties of each Tenshou member's ability changes depending on what their 3rd chakra type WOULD of been (water and lightning are required chakra elements of this clan). Even if the 3rd chakra type is not active, the DNA and overall genetic code, though dormant in it's single use, still has an effect on the storm release's nature. So if you third element is fire, for example, and you have not activated it, it will still have an effect on your storm release, despite the fact that you can't actually use fire jutsu (Remember all members with an advanced element get that advanced element + the elements that make it up... so what your third regular elemental would of been will determine the nature of your storm.

3rd Element Specs:

Water: Water can be a third element. This only means that the water part of your storm release is far greater then the lightning part.
All storm jutsu involving majority water, such as the ability to create rain will be a rank lower.
Disadvantages: However, because water is dominate, the power of your electric shock is not as great. It in a sense, is watered down. And it is harder to master storm jutsu that are mainly lightning therefor those will be a rank higher for you.

Lightning: Like water lightning as a third element means your lightning is more dominate than the water part.
Advantages: All storm jutsu involving majority lightning will be a rank lower to learn
Disadvantages: All storm jutsu involving majority water will be a rank higher to learn.

Wind: The ability to make small, yet violent storms and tornados

Fire: The water in your storm release will be boiling hot. C to B rank jutsu will cause great burns. A and S rank technique's will be hot enough to cook meat.

Earth: All of the storm release jutsu will contain bits of earth in it. Due to this, all storm release technique will be heavier and in some cases more effect ( a whole rank more effective )

Yin and Yang and Yin-Yang release
**The use of Yin,Yang, and Yin-yang as a third element is only granted when the user has reached A rank. When a Tenshou reaches this level they can do a 5k post to activate the use of Yin and Yang. The eyes will remain a blue, however the outer rim of the eye will be gray. This is a chakra activation. Though it is still not a doujutsu.

Yin: Yin allows the user to channel their form among the storm release that they create. It in essence becomes an advanced teleportation jutsu. However, because there is no physical form the user cannot take damage and in return cannot deal damage in any form. This can only be done if the conditions are right ( for example.. say it's raining or there is a high electrical content in the air.. or there is a high water content in the air as there would be in a mist ). There is no loop holing around this to instant kill your opponents. Also because of this trait, the user can apply this ability to anyone or anything that comes in close proximity

Yang: Breathes life into the things of the sea, however the water and lightning properties can alter the form of those things slightly while the Yang can change it's size or shape. For example a fish can be given the properties of storm release. This only works on things that live in the water or spend much of their lives around water.

Clan/Bloodline History: It is believed that Tenshou originated around the time of boil release, shortly after the death of the sage of six path, like most clans did. The clan, lived in what is now present day land of fire. The storms of this clan helped create a large vegetation in the area, which further helped the 1st Hokage build the forest that stands there today. The Tensou clan planned to help the 1st Hokage along with the senju clan, create a land of rain forest, but the high amount of moister effected the visibility of the Uchiha's sharingan. The newly formed relationship between Senju and Uchiha was very fragile and too much to risk the Uchiha breaking off from the rest of the leaf village. As a result a small piece of the land of fire was given to the Tensou clan and named the Land of Rain. The 3rd great Shinobi war, which was believed to be sparked by a conflict with the Uchiha clan who had military supremacy in the leaf village, took place in the land of rain. Do to advanced numbers and forces the Tensou clan was mostly wiped out. Shortly after, Pain took over using his human path, who was a Tensou, used the Rain Tiger at Will jutsu to keep an eye on the village. From fear of challenging Pain's authority over the village, the Tensou kept all it's family history and jutsu sealed away in the Tensou shrine under the lake of the rain village. After Pain's death and the Tensou clan sought after their clans heritage and regained control of the Hidden rain village by force. Arashi, the Madara of the Tensou clan reigned supreme for several years, He, in order to rebuild the clan slept with many women. Many of the which bore him a child, however he only claimed 5 of the children. These 5 are called true Tensou. 30 years after Arashi took the thrown he and his sons challenged the leaf village and Naruto the 6th Hokage. Naruto along with the help of the 8 tailed defeated Arashi and 3 of his oldest children. His youngest children whom stayed behind are now the grandparents of the current generation of Tensou. The Tensou now hold no political power in the Hidden rain village, however they are the dominate police force serving directly under the Amekage.

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