Arashi The Storm

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Arashi The Storm

Post by Maelstrom on Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:49 pm

-Ninja Profile-
Name: Arashi Tenshou
Nickname: Arashi The Storm
Age: 256 (appearance.. 21)
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft
Weight: 210

Village: Rain
Organization: None
Rank: Jounin
Class: Illusionist

Clan: Tenshou
  • - Bloodline (Genin+) Storm
  • - Primary (Genin+) Water
  • - Secondary (Chunin+) Lightning
  • - Tertiary (Jounin+) Yang

-The Story of Me-
Character Appearance: Arashi, throughout the day is a very gentle on the eyes. He is skinny, green eyes, long brown hair, and a very girl-ish complexion. He often times smiles and is very happy and joyful. However, this is simply a transformation type jutsu. The real him his baddly burned. To keep his face hidden, he wears robes around his face. and a cloak over his head.

Special Characteristics:
Arashi has two characteristics that he is seen throughout the day. The first is believed to be an advanced transformation jutsu. In this he looks like the character described above. However, when this jutsu is not active he hides his face with robes. Underneath his face is burned black and the side of his lip is dis formed.

Character Personality: Arashi is very arrogant and due to his past with the Uchiha clan he is very vengeful and filled with hate. Although, unlike most people he does not go all emo about it. His hate is only aired toward the Uchiha clan as as a result he can live his day in normal society. His "Normal" personality is displayed in daylight and among people he does not know. He is friendly, kind, and a clueless person at times. However, when he is around people of his clan whom he can trust he reveals who he really is. The hidden clan leader from hundreds of years ago that fought with the leaf village.
Likes & Dislikes:

  • Like 1Apples.. red.. apples
  • Like 2 His clan
  • Dislike 1 Uchiha
  • Dislike 2 Leaf village

Individual Quirks: Arashi is a bit OCD about thing, things have to go according to plans or things just fall apart. Likewise his training and such has to be perfect and the execution of jutsu's and plans have to be perfect as well. Though when things do fall apart he can general accept them after a long drawn out rant about why things fucked up.

Hobbies: Sex. Sex. And more sex. Long ago in his real youth, he enjoyed a lot of sex. As a result he had many illegitimate children which spread his gene's among the clan. In the older times when the Tenshou clan raided area's he would kill off the men of the clan and use the women as sex slaves. After his apposite "death", the slaves were left free. Now more 200 years later he is still up to the same thing.

-The Armory-
  • - Ninja Wire
  • - Katana
  • - Shurikan
  • - ...

Water Shark Bomb
Water Prison
Chidori current

-The Puppeteer-
Roleplay Sample:
It's me.. do I really need one.

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Re: Arashi The Storm

Post by Insomnium on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:33 am


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