Strolling through the mist

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Strolling through the mist

Post by Acaleus on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:47 am

Larik looked out with cold, uninterested eyes as a group of filthy humans lingered around him. He was hidden in the shadows of an alley, and he bent down to pick up a lead pipe as he followed them closely. It was a clear night with the stars shining brightly to guide a path for people walking in the wilderness, with a crescent moon to provide just the right amount of illumination. Like a shadow, Acaleus stalked the group of four humans. Two were males struck with the obvious desire to copulate, and the women were happy to comply, though continued to force them to participate in this little dance. Wearing his signature black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, and of course, his silver hair - not that he really need to put that on every morning - he slipped the pipe inside the sleeve of his leather jacket as he increased his stride a bit and began to trail behind the slowest of the group, a red haired female. Hunter slipped out the leaden pipe, the cold metal easily slipping into his right hand's firm grip, he held it over his head and brought it downwards, cracking the skull of the female.

He immediately charged the nearest male and struck him across the temple with a left to right slash with the pipe, and kicked away his comrade rushing to aid him. The remaining female was about to scream, but she was quickly silenced with a crack on her scalp with the leaden pipe and finally, Acaleus moved unto the last survivor. The man he had kicked away was on the ground, in a fetal position, and Larik crouched right beside him, and got on one knee. He slammed the lead pipe unto the man's head once, twice, three times and stood up and did the same process with the others. Afterwards, he would throw away the pipe and walk away. On clear evenings like these at 2 A.M, no one was around. They were in a district less traveled in Kirigakure no Sato, on account of it being a rather poor one. The people here were used to Larik's nightly deliverances of justice, and he'd grown accustomed to simply leaving the corpses on the sidewalk. He would walk straight forward, seeing no obstacles in his way as he walked down the paved street with no pot holes nor rocks for Acaleus to trip on. Four down, a billion more to go.

His job was not easy, that is, his mission to eliminate all of mankind, but he was getting there. This made the three hundredth and fifty-sixth kills he'd performed in his lifetime. He never forgot the number. To do so would mean being worse than the filthy humans that he killed, and he strongly believed that one should never forget. The faces, though, had grown fuzzy after the first two dozen, and now he hadn't even bothered to take note of them, save for their skill and defiance. He saw a dog wander by and the ends of his lips curved upward, either it was a grimace or a grin. Larik could not tell for sure, but he did like dogs. He took out a thigh bone he had collected from a Genin he'd been assigned on a mission earlier from his jacket pocket, and tossed it in front of the dog as he continued his stroll. He encountered no living life during his stroll. Such a boring, uneventful night with the clear skies and the luminescent moon to watch over him. It was all too boring, but at least he was getting closer to his target. To kill all of humankind.

He wondered how many he would be able to kill before dying. He hummed a tune of the song, "Risata della Morte."

It was a good song. It began with a low key, but got higher as it told the tale of a boy who killed his best friend while they were playing in a river. It ended with a long, high, and sorrowful note as it reached the part of the boy being shackled in the jails of Kirigakure, and him being violated by the older inmates. Ah, what a good song.

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