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Foodalo Howdy do!

Post by Maelstrom on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:11 am

Arashi, being of far play and high horses, walked across the street draped in a new shirt in which he held at high standards. The red and blue colored silk flowed gently in the breeze as the smell of last night's calming rain ran across his nose. Though, although not sunny, Arashi still had a knack for appearing to glow in whatever radiance was around.

He made his way, in what he felt was a royal fashion, to the local BBQ joint. Though approaching the counter you would assume that he was meeting a young lady in which he was to attempt to land a one night stand, however this was not the case. He instead was meeting a soon to be student of his.

Upon addressing the lady at the counter she escorted him to an empty booth that was big enough to seat 4 people. This booth stood in a corner and as a result has 2 sets of windows that Arashi focused his eye's through and day dreamed in silence. Waiting patiently for his pupil to arrive.

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