Hyuga Izanagi

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Hyuga Izanagi

Post by Izanagi on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:10 pm

-Ninja Profile-
Name: Hyuga Izanagi
Nickname: The White Phantom
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 13 Stones

Village: Kirigakure
Organization: 7 Swordsmen
Rank: Jounin
Class: Weapon Master

Clan: Hyuga


-The Story of Me-

Character Appearance:

Izanagi has long white spiky hair that stretches past his shoulders. The Shinobi’s skin tone is of a tanned one compared to others. The Shinobi long ago chose to include a mask that would be worn on his face no doubt. The mask is a jet black one; it has an almost glossy black tint to it, making it even more unique. The mask fits closely to Izanagi’s face as if it were his own skin, an extra layer on top of the actual handsome face which is hidden behind the mask. The mask has eye holes with slight curves which make it appear rather menacing. Izanagi’s crimson orbs or eyes seem to be overshadowed by darkness. This gives the impression that the man has no eyes, and it is only darkness which resides there. The mask doesn’t prevent Izanagi from hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing etc. It was designed for this specific purpose, to function as if it wasn’t there. The mask is also equipped with a special substance that performs a unique function. The aforementioned function is to form different expression on the exterior of the mask. A white substance is used, which decorates the mask with black and white patterns. The mask then allows onlookers to see or judge Izanagi’s feelings. What does this mean? Izanagi can smile behind the mask and the white substance will manifest that smile. A frown, a look of confusion, emotions of affections will be like pictures drawn on the mask. The mask seems to replace Izanagi’s face even covering his ears. Behind the mask is a handsome face, which causes others to be curious as to why he chose to wear a mask. It is also said that only Izanagi is aware of the way in which to remove this mask from his person. As stated the man has a handsome face that could be easily as menacing or welcoming as the mask that he wears. The Shinobi also has 3 sets of earrings in both ears. The earrings are in the shape of golden rings, moving from his earlobes upwards.

Upper Body: Izanagi also sports a necklace around his neck of course. The necklace has a set of 5 red jewels hanging from it. The necklace itself is normally tucked inside his garments and out of sight. But there are odd occasions when the necklace becomes visible for all to see. Izanagi’s upper body is of a muscular tone, one that is built to endure. His physique also tells a story, one that suggests the man is in shape and well trained. Izanagi’s muscular tone is not as despicable compared to other brutes. Instead the Shinobi’s body fits in well with his handsome exterior unlike others. Izanagi sports a fishnet under shirt, this is of course typical of many other Shinobi's. Over this fishnet undershirt the warrior sports a long sleeve black tank top. This black garment fits close to the body and over this is a dark red vest, which is tucked into his obi. Izanagi also sports a colourful Haori over his clothing too. The Haori is blue and white essentially in colour, with cherry blossom petals on it. There is a white dragon mixing in with the blue material. It stretches from the tail of the Haori on the right side. The Dragon then ends on the left side of the upper area of the Haori. The armour is made up of forearm guards and upper arms guards. These guards are meant to aide in the use of parrying enemy attacks. Izanagi also sports a pair of black gloves, these gloves are however fingerless ones.

Lower Body:

The lower half of the Shinobi’s body consists of a White Obi sash around his waist. Izanagi also has black trousers, with a white dragon design on both feet of his trousers. The Obi sash of course carries the Shinobi's weapons. The sandals are also quite typical compared to that of the Shinobi. They however stretch upwards towards the knees, giving them the appearance of a Ninja Tabi. Upon close inspection Izanagi stands at 6’1 inches with a well built tone. He is your typical manly man, except more epic.

Special Characteristics:

Character Personality:

Izanagi can be a very cunning and calculative person at times. He is also very perceptive, often picking upon things very quickly. The man can also be extremely thorough as well whenever he does something. Izanagi is also the responsible type that you can rely on to follow through. This ranges from following orders, even disobeying them when necessary or promoting tradition in a sense. The Shinobi works very hard to accomplish whatever task is given to him. There is no mountain that he can't climb, that's the way he is. Izanagi can also be very obnoxious and at times demonstrate a definite lack of manners. The Shinobi however tends to set out clear goals for himself, mainly for those things that he'd like to accomplish. Once this is done, he generally thinks up ways in which to achieve these goals, which is generally by any means necessary. The man will even look to compromise in some situations, but not very often. He is also loyal to those around him and expects to be shown loyalty when necessary. Another aspect to Izanagi's personality is that he can be quite merciless too. The Shinobi can be seen as unstable, marked with a fox grin at times.

Izanagi is a shameless tease, some will describe him as a troll that holds nothing in high regards apart from the things that affects him. As said before he is very perceptive of everything around him. He finds it quite easy to make an assessment of those around him. What makes him truly remarkable is that he is very determined, realistic, and original in his ideas. And can easily turn a theory into a plan that works well for his peers. Izanagi is also very opened to the suggestion of his peers and is willing to heed their warnings. He also takes nothing for granted and can find it a little difficult to trust people. Izanagi is also not the type to sit back, he is very action orientated in his ways. Apart from his relaxed nature, the man can be very assertive and outspoken. The Shinobi has a rather perverted mind, not to mention his love for women. Izanagi can and will appreciate a fine body any time of the day. He can be as defiant as they come depending on the situation at hand.

Likes & Dislikes:

  • Like: Women
  • Like: Power
  • Dislike: Ugly People
  • Dislike: Loud Mouths

Individual Quirks:

Hobbies: Spying on women at the hot-springs and plotting.

-The Armory-
  • - Katana #1
  • - Kunai #2
  • - Explosive Tags #3
  • - ...


C-Rank Kai Release
B- Rank Shadow Clone
B- Rank Hakke Kūshō- Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
B-rank Hakkeshō Kaiten- Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
B-Rank Shugohakke Rokujūyon Shō-Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
B-Rank Fūton: Atsugai- Pressure Damage
B-Rank Hari Jizou

S-Rank Lightning Release Armour

-The Puppeteer-

Roleplay Sample:

Catch that pigeon. Well not exactly. Izanagi had set out on a different kind of mission. The Daimyo's pets were beginning to run wild inside the village which caused an uproar in the market place. Izanagi received intelligence that a number of the villagers managed to chase a few of the animals away. However, several dangerous pets sill remained inside the village. Lions, elephants and wild boars was nothing to play with. This is why Izanagi was one of the few Genins tasked with capturing these pets of the Daimyo and returning them to the Zoo. There he was standing atop one of the man sand castles of Sunagkure, otherwise known as a house. Whether or not the reader picked up on such a reference before Izanagi gave them a clue, was an unknown unknown. It was however a known known that someone will be reading this. The possibilities were respectively high and chances are someone will read the adventures of a Noob within ten minutes of the man pushing the send button. A mission was given and it was a known known that someone will take on the mission. However, it still remained a known unknown as to who would rise to the occasion and do the actual mission. Again. The man known as Izanagi stood atop a sand castle, with a fox grin upon his black mask. The grin was painted in white as the mask reacted to Izanagi's own facial expression beneath the mask. This legendary mask of his had its own fan base, and was often a subject of fascination among the idle folks of the Shinobi world. Many a speculations were made, but none of this seem to bother Izanagi in the least whatsoever. The six foot one inches tall Shinobi had his sights set on his first targets. How comical it was to see a lion chasing a wild boar. And in front of the wild boar were several frantic citizens of Sunagakure who could not help but run for their lives. Izanagi chuckled slightly while forming several hand seals. The man would wait for the right moment to strike and that moment was now. The lion had caught up to the wild boar it seems. And moments before it could pounce, Izanagi descended from the sand castle. The man had the wild boar and the lion in front of him. Except his positioning will have it so that the boar and the lion were nothing but animals passing by. The man couldn't allow them to proceed any further, which is why as the lion pounced and was in full flight. Izanagi uttered the words "Doton: Ganban Kyū". The earth shifted as a blockage rose and intercepted the lion. The ferocious creature crashed into the earth defense, which now separated it from the wild boar. The jutsu saw walls form between the two animals, keeping them apart while creating an enclosure of sorts. The enclosure meant that there could be no escape for these creatures. Izanagi stood up to the roar and angry growl from the lion, while the wild boar grunted as if mocking the king of the jungle or desert rather. As Izanagi began walking towards the enclosure, the man sighed as several other Shinobi arrived on the seen. The immediately proceeded to drug the animals. This mean it was two down and a few more to go for Izanagi. These animals will be returned back to the Daimyo's zoo where they surely belong. Izanagi could already hear the screams of the horrified lot all around the village. This acted as an indicator as to the location of Izanagi's next targets. "Tiger!!!" A woman shouted as Izanagi turned the face the animal that obviously belonged to the zoo. It was seem the target was after the wild boar that was inside the enclosure consisting of the earth. Izanagi did something rather interesting as he began manipulating the Jutsu that was summoned forth previously. The Genin opened a section of the enclosure, so that the Tiger may gaze upon the easy meal that is the wild boar. The tiger leaped forward and as it did so, it would meet the same fate as the lion before it. The mask wearing fox grinning Genin had baited the Tiger into attacking the defenseless boar. And as it leaped, a wall came in between it and its prey, in which time Izanagi closed the coffin once more with the three animals inside. The tiger was promptly drugged by the zoo keepers. Now they could finally return the creatures to the zoo, now that they were unconscious. Now sure of where he needed to go, Izanagi sped off leaving the zoo keepers to take care of the unconscious pets.

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Re: Hyuga Izanagi

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Re: Hyuga Izanagi

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Re: Hyuga Izanagi

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