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Staff Rules

Post by Ty on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:08 pm

Staff should be transparent, but also respected. On the chat box, I do not want issues to be discussed pertaining to the site. We have a pm system, use it should we need to communicate in such a way. However, I hate it when staff puts up some bs wall about how they don't have to explain anything to anyone beneath them. It needs to stop, staff are not infallible, and should you feel that you are, you can exit the site right now, I will personally see to it.

If a member asks you why a rule or decision was made, answer them. If you don't know, direct them to someone who does.

Ghetto talk

Cool story bro'
Nah dude dun care'
w/e your not staff'
meh not listening

And many other sayings that are meant to demean and hurt members. There is no such thing as a stupid question, however if you get caught answering stupidly because your tired, don't want to deal with it, or don't have time. Take 30 seconds, count back from 10, then say "Sorry, I'm getting emotional, please see X,Y or Z to help answer your question."

I don't want to deal

Then don't come here... simple as that. If you don't want to deal with the site in a staff capacity that day, fine we get it one day isn't the end of the world. I'd rather you not be there, than be there and be emotional about everything because "I just came here to rp, I don't want to deal with staff bullshit" sorry your staff, you gotta deal. Just don't come here if you're going to have that attitude.

I don't care

Good, neither do I, your opinion means 0 for the day, thank you come again when you do care, then your opinion will count for something.

I was just sayin, trolling, playin, w/ein

Good so was I... wait I wasn't. I don't care if you go cry to 18 other staff because you told Lalo you didn't care today and he gave ya a big fat "my opinion counts for shit" stamp so we all know you can't make a decision today. No one is going to remove it... no one is going to go "ha ha good one" you had an attitude, and thus we gave you the attitude hat. Enjoy.

Oh yea, I undid what you did

Did you have authority? Unless its a moderator admin situation. There should be no admins undoing what other admins did, unless there is a nice topic posted and has the say so of 2 other admins. I don't care if you think your in charge of who moves applications, or the guy who has final say on weapons. Follow procedure, or don't, but don't expect us to follow it if you don't. Wait that came out wrong... don't expect us to follow any sort of procedure regarding you. Tick for tack.

Name calling

You know what it happens... but just because you call everyone the n word, doesn't mean they can't insult you. Staff, be responsible, you make fun of someone, expect to get made fun of... if your someone who kicks when he gets called a Lalo baby (someone who runs to lalo cause they can't stand on their own feet) but you call people pricks... ya know what... chat box ban one day.

The bias rule of thumb

Right hand rule it. I always hate when members do it... but I do it myself from time to time. You know what, if everyone is bias but you... its you. 3 admins have to make a decision for any sort of ruling/overruling... if all three are bias against you... its you. Tell that to a member, don't shrug them off... be like... dude there are three of us... if we are all bias about the same thing... its you dude... its you.

Abuse - Twin toes

Abuse happens... staff has a bad day and kicks a member cause they won't shut up. I like the 4 people rule. If 4 people in the chat box are talking about ponies, leave them. If you feel the need to shout and scream cause you don't want to talk about ponies... you should leave.... not them. And you know what, if the majority of the chat box is talking about something, I don't care if you think it breaks a rule, they're talking, and most likely having a good time. (Unless you see name calling). Leave them be, don't be a hero and come in by yourself and go "OMG you guys can't talk about this, even though your the only ones here, kick kick kick".

But abuse is mainly on the chat box... its hard to abuse the forum in non-obvious ways. So I'll say as a final thought, Don't abuse your chat box powers.

Sly Coopers -

We've all seen them, the people who never answer a question, "Oh here Kimura can answer it for you" or whatever. Staff, if you have the capacity to answer a question, answer it. Unless your crunched for time and are leaving, take a moment and answer a question. Don't pass it off to others so you can take no blame.

To the 2am's

Don't do it... nothing is worse than coming on at 10 am to see a system change made at 2 am because 3 admins were bored. Also... stop calling things. If you want to vote, do so in the topic, don't let so and so tell us your opinion because you don't feel like posting. Or ya'll decided on msn... dun care, it doesn't hold water unless its posted on the forum.


We expect some sort of it... your having a personal issue with so and so, don't let it interfere with your professional attitude. If you refuse to be on the chatbox because Lalo is there, I don't think your cut out for staff. I can understand maybe a day or two, but we're grown ups, if you wanna hold a grudge, don't come here. If you refuse to post in topics so and so posted in... well that effects you, I don't care if you told Lalo your opinion, you gotta post it. So... stop being a petty child and business it up.

Responsibility, Loyalty, Trustworthiness, Compassion, Wisdom

Here at NL, we like to think we are above the cut in terms of shit that goes on, on other sites. First up, responsibility, if you sign up for staff, I expect you to take it with a measure of responsibility. If you think that you can't handle being pestered every single day by members and staff to do stuff, you most likely aren't responsible enough to handle being staff. Its a commitment, and I'll be damn positive that the second I hear "I'm getting tired of everyone asking me to do stuff" will be the second I say "Well fuck a duck your outta staff you fuck wad". Be responsible, take a day off, take two days off, but don't come to the site with an attitude that you can't be bothered to work, or you've been too bothered already.

Next, loyalty, oh how this is hard to swallow, but swallow it you fucking will. First step, let me ask, if you think 3-4 months down the line your gunna leave this site, because its not fun, you don't have muse, you lost interest, there is a better site, I'm bored, I'm too tired, I don't want to work. Don't sign up for staff, I'm not some monster, I get shit happens. But when I see you sign up for staff, and quit 3 months later, I'm gunna remember that and go "AH fuck no... sorry baby".

Trustworthiness - Simple, I don't care if your best friend wants mod powers, I don't care if you think its cool to edit people's posts for lulz. If we can't trust you to follow procedure, we aren't going to follow it with you.

Compassion - People make mistakes, I can understand if its 500 in a month, but if its 2-3... lets back the pony up and stop talking about firing them... because one day its gunna happen to you.

Wisdom - This is hard to teach, basically follow the spirit of the rules not the letter.


I'm getting tired of people who did work 3 months ago, and are still on staff. Yes Lalo this includes you. I am very thankful you and Lalo created this site 3 months ago, but you haven't done shit in 2 weeks, so your outta staff. Again, this goes on responsibility, just because YOU ONCE DID WORK does not mean you are a free pass on not working, or being absent etc etc.

Contractual Obligations - I'm going to say this once. If you think, just because you create something for this site, that you can threaten us by "if I'm out of staff, I'm taking the shit I did with me" DO NOT... I repeat, DO NOT pull that shit. By signing up for staff, your forfeiting your rights to use that pitiful excuse on us. You know what, ya don't like it, don't sign up for staff.


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Re: Staff Rules

Post by Insomnium on Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:31 pm

Updated to be a bit more organized, fixed some grammar mistakes.


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