Buying Jutsu scrolls and learning jutsu

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Buying Jutsu scrolls and learning jutsu

Post by Webmaster on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:43 pm

TP can be used to buy jutsu in the Jutsu scroll shop.

The prices per Jutsu are listed below. These are custom and cannon jutsu

E rank Jutsu:Auto Learn
D rank Jutsu:10 TP
C rank Jutsu:20 TP
B rank Jutsu:30 TP
A rank Jutsu:40 TP
S rank Jutsu:50 TP
SS rank jutsu:80 TP

How to buy a jutsu?
1.)Make ONE topic called "[Insert name here]'s Jutsu scroll purchases or something along those lines.

2.) Post a list of jutsu that you want. Make sure you have enough *TP for the jutsu.

3.) ALSO post a link to the jutsu that you want. We use Search the jutsu on there and simply post the link along side the rank.

3.) An Admin will subtract the points and approve your jutsu. You can then use it as it is an autolearn

That seems simple right? But what would Ninja Legends be if we didn't allow you to go above and beyond. So after you learn the jutsu you can do a training post to upgrade the power of a jutsu. Or.. to master it. A mastered jutsu is basically a rank higher in power. A mastered B ranked jutsu is as strong as a normal A rank jutsu.

Mastery word count:
E rank Jutsu:Auto Mastery
D rank Jutsu:100 words
C rank Jutsu:500 words
B rank Jutsu:750 words
A rank Jutsu:1000 words
S rank Jutsu:1500 words

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Re: Buying Jutsu scrolls and learning jutsu

Post by Insomnium on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:42 pm

Updated. Removed ryo.


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