Myojo Clan (Done)

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Myojo Clan (Done)

Post by Akuma on Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:21 pm

Bloodline Name/Surname: Myojo Clan

Clan Classification: Bloodline

Kekkei Genkai: Akuma Tenshi

Elements: The main elements that the Clan member should start with to use the Jutsu of the clan are Fuuton and Katon.

Clan History: The Clan was formed by three brothers, each of whom had a wife, but none had born any children. One day each of them were praying, not to any deity in specific, just to the world in general, to allow them to have children born to them. Their prayers were answered when each of their wives became pregnant at the same time. Nine month later each of them bore triplets. The brothers were astounded, it seemed impossible, but they had seen it happen.

When the children were all three years old they began to act strangely, each of them randomly acting out, becoming violent, or extremely passive. It made little sense, and no one could solve the mystery behind this sudden erratic behaviour. Until the day all the children changed, each becoming either their inner demon, their inner angel, or, in the case of two of the children, their inner hybrid.

The three fathers were once again astounded, realizing that their children bore an amazing power, and that they themselves might as well. But try as they might they could not replicate the ability their children possessed. This became the ability of the newly formed clan, and each subsequent generation had it, each member having all three forms. Eventually the secret clan techniques were created, and guarded jealously. The clan began to wage war on a smaller clan in the area, but they were over confident, and were nearly wiped out. After this failed assault only a hand full survived of what had been a clan thousands strong.

As the years passed the clan once more grew, but it never again reached the size it had once been. In recent years there have only been four families, two of whom are feuding over which of their inner beings should be considered the best. One side claiming that the inner demon was most powerful, because it gave the most destructive power, while the other side defended the angelic being within each of them, claiming that peace was more important than war, while secretly preparing for one.

Not long into the feud an all out war broke out between the two families, killing no one. This family war still goes on, but now that the sides are two versus two the conflicts have become more bloody. However, unknown to everyone else in the clan, a fifth family survived, and they have a single son, who is trying to restore the peace between the two warring subbranches. Akuma has yet to succeed, but his determination makes him refuse to give up.

Kekkei Genkai Information/Description:

This clan is able to access three different parts of their body and souls, other than the human portion. These different parts are the clan members inner demon, inner angel, and their combination, the inner Demonic Angel. The Demonic angel Hybrid is the most powerful, but also the hardest to get. It is a part of all members of the clan, but some are unable to reach it. Most members are more attuned with either their demon side, or their angel side.

Each of their different sides unlocks new Jutsu for them, while they are in that form. To change between forms, no Jutsu must be active. Changing out of the form can be done instantly. The user can change a total number of Six Time through each form; This does not count for changing back into a human. Each form provides different boosts to different stats.

40 Posts to achieve Demon Form: 20% to Strength

80 Posts or Chuunin to achieve Angel Form: 20% to Speed

Special Jounin Rank to achieve Demonic Angel: Gives a 20% to Strength and Speed.

They also change the look of the user, making them look more demonic, or angelic. In their Angel form they grow white feathered wings, with which they can fly, up to ten meters in the air. The user can fly up to 18 MPH with these wings. The Demon form gets tattered leather wings, that can only carry them up to five meters. The user can fly up to 18 MPH with these wings. They also grow a tail, of varying length, based on the users height. For each foot they have in height an extra two inches is added to the tails length. Also in this form the clan members skin becomes scaly which the scaly skin is able to protect against small weapons which just bounce off the armor and also Taijutsu by 5%, and they grow a small pair of two inch long horns that are able to pierce through steel. These horns can also be shot towards the enemy as the user can easily grow them back after the cool down of one post. In the Hybrid form they grow black and white wings, decorated with the yin and yang symbol. The user can fly up to 25 MPH with these wings. They can fly up to Fifteen Meters. They also keep the tail and horns of the demon form.

Limitations: N/A


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Re: Myojo Clan (Done)

Post by Webmaster on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:14 pm

A few things. First, I dont like the part about horns and shooting them at people. Just a bit.. ya know. However, I suggest you change it to something along the lines of "being able to gather chakra in this area and fire it out"

Give me more info on the tail and it's length and strength

The scales in the demonic form should be stronger than the normal skin, no doubt, but give me more of a description. What can pierce it? What can't? Why is it so strong? is it chakra filled?

Also take note there there must be 40 RP post and not just 40 post all around for the requirements to go to the next level. Or just do a word count or something

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